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Information Sharing with the Private Sector

The cornerstone of EPIC's mission is information sharing between the public and private sectors. We are currently fostering and providing platforms for collaboration in the following critical infrastructure sectors:

Healthcare IT

The Healthcare Information Technology is currently our largest industry with over 1,100+ industry professionals sharing information through the Cyber Health Working Group (CHWG). The Cyber Health Working Group maintains a web-based platform which provides tools for its members to share cyber threat information and resources. These professionals and our public sector partners came together in October for our annual Healthcare CyberGard in Charlotte, North Carolina. The conference boasted classes such as "Understanding the Threat and How to Meet It" and "Swimming with the Phishes: Building a Cyber-Awareness Program That Connects With Your Teams" as well as networking events for industry professionals to share information for future collaboration. For over two years, the Cyber Health Working Group has been the model platform for cross-industry threat information sharing between public and private sectors and continues to grow.

Are you an Information Technology professional in the Healthcare industry? Consider applying to join the Cyber Health Working Group here.

More information will be provided at a later time for these following sectors/industries, as we are currently considering or establishing effective collaboration platforms:

  • Medical Devices
  • Financial
  • Transportation